Art Statement

Human being understood that he or she could not live forever, so started to find a panacea for being eternal, and this intrinsic approach was very similar to having an insatiable desire to drink a ripe wine which was beyond all substances.

To fulfill that demand, caveman’s paintings on the walls were inadequate or trivial. Accordingly, many luxurious construction had been built for Gods and Goddesses. Through the artistic creations, in all aspects, the soul of the art still remains; moreover, we find visual messages sent by the primitives.

The prototype of artworks depict that human being attempted to introduce itself and show his aptitudes, wishes or even solicitude. As can be inferred from ancient art, our ancestors used artistic creation, as a medium, for sending a cultural context to the future generations. In the modernized civilizations, the broad variety of the media brings us tremendous opportunities to express and depict world’s beauties graphically.

As a result, globalization would be occurred with the help of Arts. Visual communications have been facilitating life all over the world, and becoming a dominant culture little by little.

It is hoped that Arts can reunify all tribes, ethnics and races together.

I personally try to be an active member in the following stream called “communications’ revolution”. To achieve such a precious goal, I scarify my life entirely till finding alchemy of love and art to become undying.

Through collecting Lino-cut printmaking and graphic design and gathering some graphical samples of my students’ work or my artworks, I attempt to make a clue for art lovers.

Shahram Ayoubzadeh | 2016